Omni Tables

Omni Chiropractic Tables Is The First Choice Of Chiropractors In Australia

Omni Tables Australia was created as there was a distinct lack of high quality maintenance free and durable tables in our marketplace.

 Many overseas manufacturers have been bringing tables into Australia, but we must pay high shipping costs to get them here.  We were also being inundated with cheaper inferior quality tables coming from other countries. In addition, once you bought a table you were stuck with it.  The only way to improve or upgrade that table was to sell it and buy another table better suited to your needs.  We chose to make our table modular, so it could be a true investment and grow as your practice grew.  Ultimately this would save you time and money.  These are just some of the reasons we commenced producing Omni tables in Australia

 The heavy steel frame used on all Omni Tables makes it far superior to the competition. The Heavy-duty elevation motor on the Omni has a maximum lift rating of 400kg, and the three-stage column provides Omni Tables with greater stability and side loading for increased table life. The base of the Omni Tables is designed for the doctor to be able to move around the table without having the base interfere with movement.

 Omni Tables models come in StationaryElevation, Air-Drop Stationary and Air-Drop Elevation.  Finally, our Flexion-Distraction Stationary and Flexion-Distraction Elevation.  All Omni Tables have a maximum drop patient weight of 225kg. No other table in the Chiropractic table industry even comes close to this – most max out at are 115kg.  With all the recent studies showing that Australia is on the rise for Obesity, an Omni is a must have.

 The Omni Tables drops are fast and deep, allowing you to move the body quickly and easy. The foot loading drops on the Omni adjusting tables are on both sides allowing you to lift the patient easily. The large ergo designed knob is easy to turn, and the soft grip won’t wear out your hand. The Pelvic drop on the Omni Table is designed to drop in the elevated position. This is great for pregnant or obese people.

 The Duel Density Cushions on the Omni tables are both soft and firm allowing a patient to sink into the pad and not move.  They are made for the Mirror Image Adjusting Technique. Omni Chiropractic Tables come in a wide variety of colours that will match any office décor.  The Omni adjusting table base and frame is Black. Heights available for your Stationary Omni tables come 45cm, 50cm, 55cm and 60cm.  Your Omni Table also have a 5cm adjustable foot on the base.