23 March
Marketing Your Medical Practice

Do professionals in a practice adopt the practice to earn and secure a tangible investment? Well, some professionals will argue otherwise, because they think that they only need to be in practice earning a steady and reasonable income. But then, this piece of thought, in the real sense, is delusional. The fact remains that professionals […]

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9 March
How to Do Healthcare and Medical SEO in 2023

Healthcare and medical search queries account for about seven per cent of Google searches each and every day. When you consider the unlimited topics you can search for on Google that number is…*huge*. In fact, according to Google via The Telegraph, seven per cent amounts to more than one billion daily searches or about 70,000 […]

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8 November
Six ways to better market your medical practice in 2022

We use the internet for almost everything on a daily basis. We connect with our friends and family through social media, entertain ourselves through streaming services, and research great products and services to buy and use.

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